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Grow your agri-business with Nest Agric

Nest agribusiness is a licensed agro allied company that provides agricultural products, services, and solutions to meet the needs of farmers and other stakeholders.

Grow your agri-business with Nest Agric
Nest agribusiness is a licensed agro allied company that provides agricultural products, services, and solutions to meet the needs of farmers and other stakeholders.

Promoting the productivity and sustainability of small, medium and large scale agribusinesses in Nigeria.

Commodity Trading

Trading, supply and export of agricultural commodities including Ginger, Chilli pepper, Turmeric, Hibiscus, Maize. Sesame, Soya Bean e.t.c

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Value Addition

Processing of grains(Sesame, Cotton-Seed, Groundnut, e.t.c), vegetable oil and other agricultural produce, to deliver value-added products tpo the domestic and international markets,

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Distributorship of fertilizer, as well as other agro-inputs, to farming communities at affordable rates

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Organic Integrated Farms

Poultry farming, seasonal cattle rearing (i.e crowns and sheep). And crop production.

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Mechanization Services

Planned offering agricultural mechanization services to farming communities; from land clearing to harvesting, in order to promote improved crop yield and land utilization.

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We are committed to harnessing the latest advancements in agritech to provide innovative solutions that empower farmers and enhance agricultural productivity.

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Commodity Trading

Our field officers carry out extensive research and data gathering about past and current market trends with respect to prices, availability of commodities, supply and demand. Open market prices of commodities are recorded on a daily basis

We rely on past and present data gathered to predict trends such as future market prices of commodities, availability or scarcity of commodities and demand trends from our customers for their required commodities

We actively monitor activities of trade processes from aggregation through haulage to delivery/offloading at the end point

Business Insight and strategic vision..

Our main goal is to connect the dots in Africa’s agribusiness value chain by linking farmers with the buyers of agro-commodities through our platform, while providing finance, encouraging transparency, accountability, security and reliability of every transaction

Nest Agric

Value Addition

Unlocking Value Through Processing Expertise

At Nest Agribusiness, we facilitate the processing of agricultural produce, adding value and delivering finished products to domestic and international markets

Comprehensive Processing Capabilities

With state-of-the-art facilities and a skilled team, we meticulously execute each processing stage, from cleaning and sorting to refining and packaging, ensuring superior quality and maximum value extraction.

Unleashing The Potential

We unlock the hidden potential of agricultural commodities, such as sesame seeds, cottonseed, and groundnuts, through our processing expertise, creating high-quality finished products like sesame oil, tahini paste, cottonseed oil, peanut butter, and roasted peanuts


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How it Works


When you choose Nest Agribusiness as your agro-input distributor, you gain access to a reliable and comprehensive solution. We prioritize sourcing quality products, establishing affordable distribution channels, and providing crucial technical support and training to farmers. Together, we can drive agricultural growth, improve livelihoods, and contribute to a more sustainable and food secure future

Sourcing Quality AgroInput Products

Affordable distribution channels

Technical support and training


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