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Why you should trade your agro-commodities on the Nest marketplace platform

The act of buying or selling agro-commodities is hardly seamless, especially when trading in bulk. The process gets even more intricate when you have to buy a specific commodity in a region quite distant from your base. For instance, when a resident or food processor in Southern Nigeria needs to buy a large quantity of an agro-commodity from the Northern region, the buyer will likely need to travel to the north to source the commodities in the open market, purchase them, and haul them back to base. As easy as this sounds on the face value, it’s quite complex and exhausting.

The situation gets a bit more intriguing when a buyer tries to deal directly with farmers or aggregators in the hinterland – probably with the intention of buying at the cheapest price. The truth is, this process throws up a whole lot more challenges than anyone can imagine.



These challenges have further been exacerbated by the insecurity currently bedeviling the northern part of Nigeria. The implications for commodity buyers at times like this would include, but not be limited to, exposing themselves to insecurity challenges in the event they decide to travel up north in search of agro-commodities.

There is also the factor of time and resources spent in search of commodities. Needless to say, sometimes these efforts do not yield the desired result, while other times, buyers might need to outspend their budget before completing the sourcing or aggregation process.

These and many more challenges informed the decision to develop the Nest marketplace—a platform designed to bridge the enormous gap between farmers or suppliers of agro-commodities and large-scale consumers such as food processors. On the web app, people can search for anything related to agriculture in Africa (agricultural products, suppliers, prices, etc.) and complete their orders in the most streamlined way.


Nest Marketplace Offers

Just like the name implies, the Nest marketplace offers farmers or aggregators on the platform the opportunity to notify buyers of the commodities they have for sale, current offer prices, as well as the available quantity. The application then makes the commodities open to interested buyers, who can modify their order and make purchases. The application stores valuable trade data from farmers, merchants, and offtakers. Our main goal is to connect the producers directly with the buyers, forcing transparency, accountability, security, and reliability into every transaction, so that our vision of creating a fair, transparent, and rewarding environment for all people involved in agriculture can be accomplished in the near future.

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