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Organic Integrated Farms

Organic Integrated Farms

Poultry farming, seasonal cattle rearing (i.e crowns and sheep) and crop production.

Market Access and Integration

In both cattle rearing and crop production, we work towards connecting farmers with market opportunities. Through our established networks and collaborations, we create pathways for farmers to reach local, regional, and international markets. By facilitating market integration, we enhance farmer’s profitability, encourage growth in the agricultural sector, and contribute to economic development at various levels

Value propositions

Our expansion into seasonal cattle rearing and crop production brings valuable support to local communities. By engaging in cattle rearing, we provide opportunities for employment, income generation, and resource availability in the regions where grazing is predominant.

With our seasonal cattle rearing and crop production operations, we offer a diverse range of products to meet market demands. From high-quality meat, nutritious milk, and durable hides derived from cattle rearing to a variety of crops such as cassava, yam,and many others.

Sustainability is at the core of our operations. We prioritize responsible resource management, environmental conservation, and animal welfare. Our value proposition lies in adopting sustainable practices in cattle rearing and crop production

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